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“We have almost forgotten the pandemic years, the lockdown days, haven’t we?” asks Praveena Shivram, editor of the Lockdown Journal Chennai, which was released in book format on March 11. Those were the days of monotony and drudgery, and the atmosphere itself was somewhat weary, but most of us have forgotten those days,” says the writer who came up with the idea during the first phase of the lockdown, and published the contributions of 30 contributors online. “During those days of grief and uncertainty, it was the entries that I received from various people in Chennai that gave me hope, comfort, and positivity,” says Praveena.

“The journal has fiction, poetry, non-fiction, photo essays, and sketches written in English by people in Chennai during the pandemic. ,” says Vincent, who is the publisher.

“The book presents to us a slice of life during those days, and is about the pandemic, living through the pandemic, different perspectives, and how we navigated through grief and various emotions,” says Praveena.

The Lockdown Journal Chennai is priced at 200. To buy your copy, call: 24982244.

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