Mom-To-Be Gauahar Khan Relishes Chocolate Cake, Ice Cream And More


It is often said that pregnancy can be the most memorable time in a woman’s life. Sudden food cravings are also quite common during pregnancy. Actress Gauahar Khan is currently expecting her first child with her husband Ziad Darbar. The actress keeps us glued to this special journey with various glimpses of her personal life. She posted a video, recently, giving us a sneak peek into her pregnancy food cravings. In the video, we can see Gauahar binging on sumptuous chocolate cakes topped with chocolate chips. As the video progresses, we could see her taking out a plateful of packed ice cream packets from the refrigerator right before digging into them. Her caption explains it all. Take a look:

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“Are you having any fun? Heheheheh. I surely am. Ma sha Allah. Re-living my childhood favourites. Ice creams, cakes, sab jo mera dil kare,” wrote Gauahar Khan in the caption. She also used the hashtags “Yolo,” “Reel it feel it,” “Fun,” “Mom to be,” and “Actor.”

We can never get enough of the sweet treats. Whether it’s a birthday or simply wrapping up a meal with a dessert, there’s always a scope for binging on cakes, pastries, ice creams and other delights. We have curated a list of five heavenly sweet treats that you can prepare at home.

1) White chocolate cheesecake

Yes, there is something called white chocolate cheesecake also. Do you want to impress your special one? Just bake this delight and serve it with raspberry crush and strawberry. White chocolate cheesecake is sumptuous and it will make your day. Recipe here.  

2) Red velvet pastry

Life is so much fun with desserts. Do you agree? Apart from just improving your mood, pastries come in limited portions thus, stopping you from overconsumption. So, what are you waiting for? Bake this drool-worthy red velvet pastry and treat yourself. Find the recipe here.

3) Ice cream Sundae

You don’t always have to rely on the ice cream parlours for your favourite ice cream Sundae. This can be easily prepared at home with ingredients that are easily accessible. The chocolate sauce on top along with walnuts and a pinch of chilli powder enhances the overall taste of this delicacy. Click here for the recipe.

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4) Mango and coconut pannacotta

The summer season is here and most of us will get busy diving into mangoes. Right? How many of you are fond of this seasonal fruit? Well, this epic mango dessert will leave you asking for more. It’s refreshing, creamy, tasty and something you need on a hot summer day. Recipe here.  

5) Classic Tiramisu Shots

Here’s a chance to enjoy the classic Tiramisu with a pleasant twist. Are you ready for it? These amazing shots are a hit at dinner parties. You can trust this recipe even when you are looking for quick dessert options that don’t consume too much time. Find the recipe here.  

Now, with the onset of the summer season, are you all ready to binge on sumptuous desserts?

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