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33.1 overs (0 Run) Mohammed Siraj starts the new spell with a good-length delivery angling into middle. Sean Abbott stays back and nudges it down toward point.

32.6 overs (0 Run) On middle, Mitchell Starc blocks it out.

32.5 overs (0 Run) Flatter one, angling into middle and leg, kept out by Starc.

32.4 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! A tad shorter around off, Mitchell Starc waits for it and dabs it down fine past the man at short third man for a boundary.

32.3 overs (0 Run) Flatter one around off, kept out by Mitchell Starc.

Mitchell Starc walks out to bat now.

32.2 overs (0 Run) OUT! TAKEN! Straight to the man and Australia keep on losing wickets in a heap. Ravindra Jadeja bowls this one quicker and fuller on off and middle. Maxwell decides to go over mid-wicket and access the gap on the leg side but gets his heave all wrong. The ball comes off the inner half of the bat and goes flat toward short mid-wicket where Hardik Pandya takes an easy catch around his chest. Australia on the verge on being bundled out for under 200 runs. IND vs AUS: 1st ODI: WICKET! Glenn Maxwell c Hardik Pandya b Ravindra Jadeja 8 (10b, 1x4, 0x6). AUS 184/8 (32.2 Ov). CRR: 5.69

32.1 overs (0 Run) On a length around off, Glenn Maxwell defends it off the front foot.

31.6 overs (0 Run) Another wicket-maiden for Mohammad Shami! Good length around the top of off, Sean Abbott manages to keep it out.

31.5 overs (0 Run) BEATEN! Beautiful seam presentation as this is bowled around the off stump. Sean Abbott looks to block but the ball straightens off the deck and the ball zips past the outside edge.

31.4 overs (0 Run) Good length around middle, pushed toward mid on.

Sean Abbott walks out to bat now.

31.3 overs (0 Run) OUT! TAKEN! Shubman Gill makes amends now and Marcus Stoinis has to walk back this time around. This has been a dream spell so far from Mohammad Shami and he picks up his third wicket. Shami serves it on a perfect length in that chnnel around off and Stoinis gets pushed onto the back foot. Stoinis pushes at it with hard hands and gets an outside edge. The ball quickly to the right of the keeper and Gill at first slip moves sharply to his left to grab it with both hands. Australia is deep trouble now.

31.2 overs (0 Run) Pitched up in that channel around off, Marcus Stoinis punches it firmly off the front foot but straight to extra cover.

31.1 overs (0 Run) Half an appeal for LBW, turned down! Mohammad Shami bowls it on a length and angles it into the pads, Marcus Stoinis looks to tuck it away but misses and gets hit on the pads. Probably just angling down leg and no review is taken either.

30.6 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! A half-tracker now on middle and leg, Glenn Maxwell pulls it away in between deep backward square leg and deep mid-wicket for a boundary. IND vs AUS: 1st ODI: Glenn Maxwell hits Kuldeep Yadav for a 4! AUS 184/6 (31.0 Ov). CRR: 5.94

30.5 overs (0 Run) Gives it a lot more air and floats it around off, Glenn Maxwell backs away and to-ends it straight to mid off.

30.4 overs (1 Run) Shorter one around leg stump, turning in, this is worked away ’round the corner for a single.

30.3 overs (4 Runs) FOUR! This is dragged down on off stump, Marcus Stoinis shuffles and sits down before helping it down to fine leg for a boundary. IND vs AUS: 1st ODI: Marcus Stoinis hits Kuldeep Yadav for a 4! AUS 179/6 (30.3 Ov). CRR: 5.87

30.2 overs (1 Run) Floated up on leg stump, turning in, Maxwell works it through square leg for one.

30.1 overs (0 Run) Flatter delivery around middle, Glenn Maxwell backs away and cuts it straight to cover.

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