I’m plus-size – I’m all for chubby bellies with tummy tattoos, I love wearing a crop top to show mine off


A PLUS-SIZE woman has shared the tattoo trend that she’ll be partaking in all summer long.

She’ll be showing her inking off in crop tops that expose her belly.

A woman has shared that she’ll be showing off her tattoos in crop tops through the warm weatherCredit: TikTok / @mskarinae/
She is encouraging others to do the sameCredit: TikTok / @mskarinae/

“Friends, I’m here to bring you a trend alert,” tattoo enthusiast Karina Martinez (@mskarinae) said in a TikTok video.

She then dove into exactly what she was on to.

“Tummy tats. Tummy tats for the summer. Hot girl summer, makeout summer, whatever we’re calling it.

“I want chubby bellies with tummy tats. Not like a sternum, maybe those are hot too – but like a full belly tat.”

She continued: “It looks so good in a crop top, I cannot wait to wear this out all summer. I need to see chubby bellies with tummy tats.

“It is going to be the hottest accessory, so go and get yours now.”

People in her comments section wrote about their own tummy tattoos, some expressing wanting one.

“I had my whole tummy tattooed after I’d had my children, to help me feel better about my belly, and it absolutely worked,” one person wrote.

“Oooohhh I am apple-shaped and have always felt so insecure about a tattoo anywhere on my torso… but this is tempting…” a second person said.

“Yes, I got a belly tat of a fat black mermaid!” a third exclaimed.

“I’ve got a chubby belly with a bee tat! Very excited to be trendy this summer,” a final person said.

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