I did a Skims haul from the pop-up shop


A CONTENT creator has shared a Skims haul upon going to the pop-up shop.

While she spoke highly of the items, some of them were see-through, including a top that she sported sans a bra.

A woman has shared a Skims clothing haul upon going to the pop-up shop in New YorkCredit: TikTok/savannahsophiasonne
It included a see-through topCredit: TikTok/savannahsophiasonne

“Guys, look what I got yesterday,” Savannah (@savannahsophiasonne) said in a TikTok video in which she showed off her shopping haul.

“I went to the Skims pinup store here in New York City yesterday.

“I want to show you what I got.”

First, she showed off a plain mint green T-shirt she got from Skims.

“It looks tiny and it’s extra small, but I feel like it’s fitting perfectly.”

She threw the shirt on then gave the verdict.

“It looks like this, it’s very see-through here, so I gotta wear a bra, but I feel like it’s fitting perfectly.

“It’s stretchy and I feel like it’s so pretty, and it’s so comfortable.”

The next thing she tried on was a long sleeve shirt.

“I love this color, I love both of the colors. It’s also an extra small. And it’s also very tight on me, so I’m going to try it on.”

Upon putting it on she gave her review.

“Okay guys, I’m obsessed. I love this color and I love how it’s just matching my body shape.

“And again, it’s a little see-through here.”

She added that she loved how comfortable it was.

The last thing she bought was a long pastel green bodycon dress, $78.

“The last thing I bought was this green dress, and it’s so cute.”

After putting the dress on, she said: “Guys, I’m obsessed with this dress. Like, this is so pretty. It’s the perfect length. And it just fits your body perfectly.

“It’s a little see-through, but I just love it. It’s so pretty. And this is so good for the summer, I really like it.”

She concluded her video: “But yeah guys, this was in total $180 dollars, so I don’t think it’s actually that bad.”

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